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Going once… Going twice… Gone.

It finally happened. I sold of Paludarium 1.0 to a nice person who is going to refit it for keeping poison dart frogs. The cabinet underneath was already old and not that nice anymore, but he gladly took it with him to patch it up.

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Paludarium 1.0 empty & ready to be sold

The glorious days of Paludarium 1.0 have definitely come to an end. The realtime page at is offline, all fish have been transferred to a temporary tank, and I have posted it “for sale” n a Dutch trading site.

Fish Migration

The fish that were still in the Paludarium 1.0 have been relocated to a new and temporary home in separate tank. I surely had Read more »

The final days of Paludarium 1.0

After just over two years, the day is nearing: Paludarium 1.0 is going to be shut down, including the real time statistics page At that time I will start building out Paludarium 2.0, which of course will get a realtime statistics page once again (possibly a nicer one!!) but that will take at least several months to complete.

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Paludarium 2.0: Ordering glass

Just as Paludarium 1.0, I decided to once again not build the glass tank myself, but have this pre-built. In order to be able to get what I want, I needed a technical drawing of the glass tank.

General sizing

General sizing was quite straightforward. I want to reuse my old paludarium lighting hood, so the top measures should be the same as the old one: 100cm wide and 60cm deep. The current height of the paludarium is 100cm (divided in 30cm water, 70cm land). I found the 30cm of water to be somewhat too low, and really want a water height of 50cm. That would bring the Plaudarium to a total glass height of 50+70 = 120cm. Quite a construction!

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