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Glass has been ordered!

The word is out… The glass is ordered! Measures are now final, I am very thrilled to see the finished product! I ended up ordering at www.terrariumhuis.nl after visiting the shop where they actually glue at all together. It is a very small shop, yet it delivers most of the terrariums and paludariums in Dutch shops.

They were very interested in building my “special” (as they mostly build standard sizes). At one time I ordered a paludarium from the same shop which was of acceptable quality. Since then they have improved a lot I was told, so I cannot wait to receive the order and building out the Paludarium 2.0! The measures are an exact match to the drawings posted in the Definite glass specs.

As soon as the glass arrives I will post pictures on this blog, and of course all the steps required to build it will be documented here as well! Can’t wait!

Paludarium 2.0: Ordering glass

Just as Paludarium 1.0, I decided to once again not build the glass tank myself, but have this pre-built. In order to be able to get what I want, I needed a technical drawing of the glass tank.

General sizing

General sizing was quite straightforward. I want to reuse my old paludarium lighting hood, so the top measures should be the same as the old one: 100cm wide and 60cm deep. The current height of the paludarium is 100cm (divided in 30cm water, 70cm land). I found the 30cm of water to be somewhat too low, and really want a water height of 50cm. That would bring the Plaudarium to a total glass height of 50+70 = 120cm. Quite a construction!

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