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Watering the background

One of the tricks I have been using to keep things growing everywhere in the paludarium is by regularly watering the background. In this post I will describe how I made a spray bar and how I mounted it inside.

The idea

In order to get water onto the background and have it nicely sift through I have been using a 12mm PVC tube with a series of 1.5mm holes drilled into it. Really simple, and works well even with the smallest of pumps:

Example from an older setup on how to use a spray bar

Mounting the PVC pipe

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Handiest of DIY paludarium tools: A 3D printer

Nope, I am not a fanboy of any 3D printer brand, it is a tool for me that (hopefully) gets the job done. Some of the most complex shapes and some of the simplest shapes I have printed for the paludarium… It is always nice to have the ability to print things you just cannot buy (and usually are hard to build otherwise).

The simplest: Alignment washer for the PVC feedthroughs

The awesome guys at Blue Lagoon built me a nice glass setup with holes in the glas predrilled. But these holes are drilled at 29mm, while the actual PVC feedthrough only measures 20mm. Not really a problem, there are wide flanges with rubber rings to cope with the sizing difference. Still, I was able to “misplace” the PVC elements in such a way that it would simply leak. “If only I had a washer at the exact right size”… Uhm… I DO have a 3D printer.

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