The final days of Paludarium 1.0

After just over two years, the day is nearing: Paludarium 1.0 is going to be shut down, including the real time statistics page At that time I will start building out Paludarium 2.0, which of course will get a realtime statistics page once again (possibly a nicer one!!) but that will take at least several months to complete.

Where will the fish go?

For the time being, all fish in the current paludarium will be spending some time in a 80cm fish tank. As soon as the fish are all out of the paludarium, it will be emptied and I will try to sell the glass. Lighting and computer control stuff will be reused in Paludarium 2.0, and the cabinet it sits on right now is going to be trashed to make room for a brand new one! We *WILL* be back! It will be so good to see some Anableps (four eyed fish) in my home again. Can’t wait to start building out Paludarium 2.0…

Paludarium for sale

I will try to sell the current glass. The current paludarium is sized 100x100x60 (Length x Width x Depth) and allows for around 29cm of water. There are many artificial rocks and wood inside tailor made for the paludarium, which will of course remain inside.

This is the paludarium as it looked like when it initially arrived in my home:

Paludarium 1.0 right after it initially arrived in my home

And then I added the artificial rocks and wood:

Paludarium 1.0 with artificial rocks and wood right after its creation

You can check out how it was built (in Dutch unfortunately but most pictures speak for themselves) at

I live in the Netherlands. You need to transport it yourself… Make me an offer I can’t refuse 🙂

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