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Erik Zandboer

I am a fan of VMware Infrastructure. I live in the Netherlands… I also like paludariums which are basically aquariums with a land segment on top… You can also follow me on twitter: @erikzandboer

I work for EMC as a vSpecialist.

In the past I have been doing all kinds of stuff. Started out as an embedded hardware/software designer, did some IT management work, networking, change management and of course… VMware! Lately I’ve been doing more and more storage-related stuff.

My hard- and embedded software background have pushed me into this ludicrous-yet-fun home project to build an automated fragment of jungle in my livingroom. Check it out at paludarium.xhd.nl and realtime.paluweb.nl !

My Paludarium - Automated using VMware of course :)

As a hobby I also do a lot of photography. After using an EOS 350D and 400D for years, I finally convinced myself to get a Canon EOS 7D, a Canon 100-400L, Canon 100 F/2.8 macro, Canon EF-S 15-85 and a Canon 50 F/1.8…

XHD: Xtreme High Definition stuff!

Online on my website some ideas of what I photograph: www.xhd.nl. Be sure to check it out!

Have fun on my blog!


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