Costa Rica here we come!

It is almost time for our trip to Costa Rica. I can’t wait! There will be plenty of animals to photograph, and I am especially exited to visit the La Selva Biological station where the Paludarium gets its meteorological data from.

Travel plans

In a few days we’ll be touching down at the San José International airport. From there we’ll be renting a full-size SUV, which we are probably going to need.

From the airport we’ll head over to Heliconia Island, a nice place with many things to see. Most exciting of all, we will be visiting the La Selva Biological Station and finally see where the Paludarium’s values all come from!

Next we will be travelling around Costa Rica and visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest, the Los Quetzales national park and finally Corcovado National park which may be a bit exciting to reach given the fact that you need to cross some rivers by car that may have too much water when we arrive to cross decently.

Routes we'll be travelling while in Costa Rica

Routes we’ll be travelling while in Costa Rica

Things we’ll be looking out for

As I am very much into photography of all living things, I’m hoping to find poison dart frogs, lizards, snakes, scorpions, spiders and insects. On top of that we’ll be scouting for larger animals like mammals and birds.

If I have the time (and the internet connection) I’ll be posting some more blogs as we move through beautiful Costa Rica.

Pura Vida!

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