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Paludarium Feed-throughs mounted

After the cracked glass of the paludarium was fixed, I could continue to mount the feed-throughs. This is a vital part to build before any water can be put into the paludarium, as right now there are some huge holes drilled in the glass bottom :O

Different types of Feed-through

There are several types of feed-throughs planned for the paludarium:

  1. Feed-throughs feeding through the back that will run into the waterfall (3x);
  2. Feed-through feeding through the back for cabling;
  3. Feed-through in the bottom where the filter will draw dirty water from;
  4. Feed-through in the bottom where waist water will stream from into the sewer.

All the feed-throughs have rubber rings in order to make them watertight. I applied some vaseline to the rubber rings which will help to make them waterproof. Read more »