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Hardware ‘n stuff ordered!

Today I finally ordered most of the hardware I’ll require for the further construction of the paludarium. Not computer chips this time, but pumps, filters, pipes, heaters and other cool stuff. In this blog post I’ll highlight some of the components that I’ve selected.

Aquatic Filter

Originally I used an Eheim 2222 external filter for Paludarium 1.0. However, this filter was already too small, so for the new Paludarium 2.0 it would definitely be too small, so I was in need of an upgrade. The price of the larger Eheim filters scared me a bit – So I decided to go for another vendor, JBL. They have a much cheaper filter line, the greenline filters:

The JBL Greenline 1501e external filter

The JBL Greenline 1501e external filter

I bought their 1501e version, which outputs an impressive 1400 litres per hour and Read more »