The Paludarium v2.0 is here!

Two weeks after the order, the glass got delivered today. I was psyched! Two guys carried the immense thing inside. Weighing in at 80 kilos, quite an accomplishment. And they did not even hit anything in the house.

The Paludarium is here!

The paludarium is now sitting neatly onto his reserved spot. Everything seems to be perfectly in order (size and construction-wise). Here it is:

The Paludarium v2.0 standing on his reserved spot. Looking good!

Everything seems to be exactly in the right place, except the holes I drilled in the top plating:

Holes drilled in the bottom of the paludarium for drainage. The hole in the front is an exact match; the hole in the rear doesn’t seem to be in the right place. Nothing that cannot be fixed. Need to figure out who went wrong. Or just fix it 🙂

The “hidden” ventilation is neatly built as well using a very fine mesh:

Closeup of the “Hidden” ventilation. Nice job, Ruud!

Finally, the holes drilled in the rear glass wall to allow filter tubes and wires to go in-and-out:

Holes drilled in the rar plating to allow filter tubes and wires to pass in and out of the paludarium.

Very cool stuff. I cannot wait to get working on this thing!

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