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The Paludarium v2.0 is here!

Two weeks after the order, the glass got delivered today. I was psyched! Two guys carried the immense thing inside. Weighing in at 80 kilos, quite an accomplishment. And they did not even hit anything in the house.

The Paludarium is here!

The paludarium is now sitting neatly onto his reserved spot. Everything seems to be perfectly in order (size and construction-wise). Here it is: Read more »

Paludarium to be delivered… Tomorrow!

I got an email today, and guess what… The paludarium will be delivered tomorrow!

I just finished prepping the place it should sit:

The protective base where the glass of the paludarium will sit on. Everything is prepped… Let’s hope I drilled the holes at the correct position.

The kitchen cabinet now has holes drilled at the exact position where the sewer drain and the filter drain will sit. These holes to all the way through the wooden top. AT the back of the top plate I removed a strip of material as you can see. Through this strip I will feed any pipes and wires I need to go in and out of the paludarium.

On top of all there is a protective rubber layer. This will prevent the glass from breaking if the plating is not 100% flat (or has any irregularities).

I am fully prepared for the arrival of the paludarium!