Building paludarium 2.5

Yes, paludarium 2.5. Not 3.0 (yet). It was taking too long to construct version 3.0, so now I’ve started to build version 2.5, which is a high-tech version but not in the new acrylic houseing. It will be a classic glass construction like the ones I’ve built before.

Building the wooden table

The glass paludarium is already here, and it is 50cm x 50cm x 100cm (length x depth x height) in size, with 28cm of water. Before building the paludarium out I wanted to construct a wooden table that holds the paludarium. The size of this table should be the exact same measure as the paludarium: 50cm x 50cm and 60cm in height.

First I built an excel sheet that I used to calculate all measurements of the different wood types: beams for the frame, plating to close the cabinet and create an access door to reach the filters and electronics beneath the paludarium.

You can download the Excel file here.

This is what the frame looks like:

Wooden framework of Paludarium 2.5 with the top plate already mounted.

After finishing the construction, this is what it looks like now:

Wooden cabinet for Paludarium 2.5

And of course, like ANY of the paludariums I built so far, the feedthrough holes in the glass bottom of the paludarium where cut in the wrong location (this seems to be TOO hard for people constructing paludariums):

The holes in the glass bottom of the paludarium were cut in the wrong place. Sigh.

So after some “reconstruction” work (read: make the holes in the wooden cabinet larger) I managed to make it work:

Holes drilled in the cabinet for Paludarium 2.5. Two holes in the top for the external filter feedthrough, one in the rear to feed cables into to top of tha paludarium for lighting etc.

Now to sand and paint the cabinet, then place the paludarium on top. Then finally I can get to work on the rest!

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