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Paludarium 3.0: Designing the new “canopy”

Thinking back on Paludarium 1.0 and Paludarium 2.0 I cannot stop wondering why on earth I ever thought that introducing 230VAC on top of a paludarium was a good idea. Powe failure would cause the canopy to “condensate up” and cause huge issues when the power came back. This and a hundred extra issues. So now is the time to set things right in version 3.0. The hood on top used to be a very “smart” lighting (and more) system I called “the Canopy”. Now it is time for a drastic new approach: Canopy 3.0!

Minimalistic design

The new Canopy will have as little as possible electronics inside. All stuff need to be driven through either pipes or wires, and all of the pumps and electronics can sit Read more »

How to choose aquatic lighting: A test!

I have heard a LOT of different stories on aquatic lighting types and plant growth. From horror stories on blue light boosting algae growth to people buying the most expensive “Amazone”-type fluorescent lighting tubes for horrifying prizes. I did not want to join into all of these made-up or heard-of “facts”, and I decided to do my own testing! In this blog I will post what I did, and most important… the outcome of my test.

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Lighting of the Paludarium 2.0

Paludarium 2.0 is going to utilize the same lighting system as the current (1.0) version. Because I am often asked about this technology, I decided to translate my original post (see Verlichting van het paludarium (in Dutch) and post it here.

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