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Minor disaster: Cracked glass

After working on the paludarium, all of a sudden I discovered a big crack in the inner glass separator. It is a little hard to see, but the crack is around 15 centimeters long:

Minor Disaster - Huge crack in the inner separator!

Minor Disaster – Huge crack in the inner separator!

At first I kind of panicked… If this glass can crack just like that, the same thing might happen to one of the external glass right?? After looking closer, there has propably been some tension in the glass combined with a bad cut on the edge of this particular piece.

More work… There is no way I can replace the glass separator. Because it is 48cm high, and it sits only 10 cm in from of the rear glass, I can never ever replace the entire separator without taking the whole thing apart… I decided I will glue a piece of glass over the crack and hope for the best. There is no real force from the water on this piece, as both sides of the separator will have 40-48cm of water.