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Video: The first real Thunderstorm

After running some tests, today for the first time there was an actual thunderstorm in the paludarium!

How the paludarium figures there should be a thunderstorm

I could have made the weather inside the paludarium choosen by random, but that wouldn’t have been any fun. Instead, the paludarium fetches live data from the La Selva Biological station in Costa Rica.

Using a 1,5 day delay this meteorological data is “replayed” inside the paludarium. Why 1,5 day? Well, one day to Read more »

Real-Time statistics website has moved

Because I have launched my paluweb blog, the original page behind www.paluweb.nl had to move. You can now watch the realtime stats here: http://realtime.paluweb.nl

Have fun watching! For now the webcam is down. I might put it up again, but it is likely to return only when Pauldarium 2.0 is starting to take shape.