Electronics and Waterworks in a Cabinet How?

The next issue I faced was one I remember well and I think you may actually “feel” as well: You add stuff and add more stuff in the cabinet underneath, and at some point it is just wires, tubes, pipes and devices… Completely inaccessible.

I wanted to do these things differently this time. What did I come up with? Why not install a slider drawer inside the cabinet! I can put all electronics on one side, water-related stuff (osmosis, heating, valves and pumps) on the other side. If I add enough length to all wires and hoses, I’d be able to pull out the entire
“module” to do work on without banging my head ever again! As a picture says a thousand words:

Installing a hidden drawer inside the right cabinet of the paludarium will allow me to add electronics and waterworks related things to the setup, whilst maintaining easy-of-access to all of it. All I need now is some cable/hose management.

Completely hidden, yet easy to just pull out and work on (I got this idea basically from computer servers in racks where it is common to be able to “pull them out” without disconnecting them).

With a new version of the Artemis hardware mounted (more blogposts on that later!) it looks something like this:

Just a quick photo where I mounted the three DC adapters (5, 12 and 24V), the new Artemis 1.22 hardware and some lighting, namely a 60x30cm RGB-CCT led panel and a NeoPixel addressable led strip.

This is the smartest thing yet! Electronics on the right, waterworks on the left, some water reservoirs for osmosis and sewer water and a large canister pump for the waterfall-to-be in the center. I hope this works out, and that I’ve left enough space for all of the ideas… There are just so many! 🙂

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